SCHARRE in Toyko - 04 November

SCHARRE, Aoyama Koen, Deutschalnd Festival 2023, Toyko, Japan, 2023-11-04


Martin Scharrenbroich aka SCHARRE

born in Remagen / Rhine in 1971.The local situation couldn’t have been worse for the football addicted aesthete. Growing up in an area which is commonly known for the allied conquering of the famous Ludendorff Bridge during WW II, promised him a long lasting career in a souvenir shop in the old town centre.

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Luckily he got swept away by the huge techno movement in 1992, taking him straight to the eminent clubs Omen and Dorian Gray in Frankfurt and opening his mind for electronic music. Being part of an ecstatic crowd wasn’t enough for the ambitious Scharre. In 2000 he was discovered by the leading masterminds of KOMPAKT at the Annual Amateur Moustache Award where he gained first place. Before he knew what was happening, he became the chief booker of Cologne’s renowned label including a personal office, a hot model secretary and a private chauffeur. Sky was the limit and Nevermind Bookings soon to come.