Peter Invasion



Panthera Krause and Peter Invasion did a new mix for Monterrey-based club TOPAZdeluxe - listen here:

Peter Invasion joins our agency

We are excited to announce a new artist on our roster: Peter Invasion - The Leipzig-based DJ is one of the seminal figures behind both the scenes and decks in the burgeoning East German city. Alongside his brilliant label Riotvan, Peter Invasion is resident dj & booker at Institut für Zukunft and Nº9 radio show host.

Drop us a line to discuss a show with Peter in your city.

More infos and a brandnew podcast coming soon!


PETER INVASION in Frankfurt - 08 February

PETER INVASION, AMP, Frankfurt, Germany, 2020-02-08

PETER INVASION in Leipzig - 15 February

PETER INVASION, IFZ, Leipzig, 2020-02-15

PETER INVASION in Hamburg - 16 February

PETER INVASION, Südpol, Hamburg, Germany, 2020-02-16
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PETER INVASION in London - 21 February

PETER INVASION, Printworks , PW20: Printworks Pres. DJ Koze, Floating Points, Max Cooper, London, United Kingdom, 2020-02-21

PETER INVASION in Copenhagen - 28 February

PETER INVASION, Jolene, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020-02-28

PETER INVASION in Stockholm - 29 February

PETER INVASION, Berns, Kontakt, Stockholm, Sweden, 2020-02-29

PETER INVASION in Moscow - 06 March

PETER INVASION, MUTABOR, R Rated, Moscow, Russian Federation, 2020-03-06

PETER INVASION in Berlin - 20 March

PETER INVASION, Salon - Zur wilden Renate, PINK & Luvthang, Berlin, Germany, 2020-03-20

PETER INVASION in Leipzig - 21 March

PETER INVASION, Distillery, Leipzig, Germany, 2020-03-21

PETER INVASION in Guadalajara - 28 March

PETER INVASION, MAYAN WARRIOR TRUCK, Mayan Warrior Event, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2020-03-28

PETER INVASION in Offenbach am Main - 23 May

PETER INVASION, Robert Johnson, Riotvan Label Nacht, Offenbach am Main, Germany, 2020-05-23

PETER INVASION in Broock - 03 June

PETER INVASION, Kieskuhle, Freiland Festival, Broock, Germany, 2020-06-03

PETER INVASION in Helsinki - 16 August

PETER INVASION, Flow Festival, FLOW FESTIVAL 2020, Helsinki, Finland, 2020-08-16


Here's not much to say about this young man. To describe him shortly: DJ and promoter, booking agent and label owner, curator and catalyser, established Riotvan single-handed in 2006. Starting as series of events, growing up to a record label and booking agency. Maybe you know him already as drummer of the band Here Is Why. He was playing in several clubs and parties like Berghain Panoramabar, Gewoelbe, Watergate, Bob Beaman, Studio 80 or in Copenhagen, Novosibirsk, Palma De Mallorca to name but a few…. This guy is off to explore the world. We may be wound up to a high pitch.