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COMING MARCH 4th: Panthera Krause - »Como Dada« (RVN025D)

It is with much delight that we can announce the return of the Krause. Here with the second installment of the ongoing Riotvan Edition, Panthera Krause, as in one of the label’s most beloved mainstays, hands in his first two original productions after his 2019 full length offering „It’s a Business Doing Pleasure with You“. This two-tracker showcases everything we love about Krause, the tongue-in-cheek attitude, the anything goes approach in conjunction with anyone dances arrangements. Yet, on „Como Dada“ and „All I Want To Do“ we find him focus particularly on groove and rhythmic patterns. No doubt, two bold tunes ready to heat some floors. Leaves us thinking, what actually does he wanna do? Maybe have some fun? Well, we’ve got a feeling, he’s not the only one…

Tracklist inkl. Preview:
01. Como Dada
02. All I Want To Do

Release date: March 4th, 2022


In pandemic times of telepresences and social distancing, Live At Robert Johnson and Leipzig’s own Riotvan team up for a magical musical mission. Encompassed by the graphic design of Michael Satter & Panthera Krause, each of the five tracks has been created by teams representing both label crews and their environs, rendering a truly synergetic effort. A1 is Roman Flügel & Rebolledo producing deep and wide Star Stuff with arpeggiated bass riffs, haunting vocals and melody. A2 sees Jennifer Touch & Chinaski setting off on an electroid Synth-Pop trip, with crafty 1980s synths, drums and vocals. A3 is New Hook and Perel teaming up for a Cosmic Disco tinged track, featuring unique spanish-english vocals. The flipside kicks off with Fort Romeau & Panthera Krause on B1, heavily into a stereophonic and proper Italo soundscape. Horkheimer & Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht conclude the EP on B2 with a wicked technoid Breakbeat along a modulating bass line and, yeah, a looney laugh befitting these crazy times.

01. Rebolledo & Roman Flügel – Star Stuff
02. Jennifer Touch & Chinaski – Dime
03. New Hook & Perel – The Lambs Suffer
04. Fort Romeau & Panthera Krause – Omicron 8
05. Horkheimer & Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht – Summe Drei

Out since June 11st, 2021.


OUT NOW: It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You - Remixes

Panthera Krause's latest and divinely titled album "It's a Business Doing Pleasure With You" is now a year old, but nonetheless still blissfully resonating. It is Mr. Krause's most accomplished and versatile work yet. So versatile actually, you'd have to be hella versatile yourself to remix that material. But the Riotvan headquarter still managed to gather a bunch of people with good prospects to live up to the job. And so they did. Find here an utmost pleasure providing remix package courtesy of: Rebolledo directing the arpeggio bliss of "Road To Arcadia" into even more club apt territories. Theo Kottis turning everybody's favorite "Birthday Club" into a more detailed and pad-saturated affair. Shubostar speeding up the rather downbeat Franko-Funk of "J'ai Envie De Toi" to a
bassline-driven groove monster. Fango taking in all the atmospheric quirkiness of "Redo Rdid" and processing it into an odd, yet charming floor-heater. And finally Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht finding a deeper and more bass dominated interpretation of "Sledge Hammer".

01. Road To Arcadia (Rebolledo´s Orange 911 Detour)
02. Birthday Club (Theo Kottis Remix)
03. J'ai Envie De Toi (Shubostar Remix)
04. Redo Rdid (Fango Remix)
05. Sledge Hammer (Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remix)

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Label: Riotvan

Release Date: November 27, 2020


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This Is Your Time! Vol.9 with Panthera Krause and Peter Invasion

Torture the Artist - art:cast #88 by Panthera Krause
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Rinse Fm France - Panthera Krause


Panthera Krause dropped his first solo full length album „It‘s A Business Doing Pleasure With You“

For starters, don‘t you want to be friends with this piece of work already, just for its brilliant title? Well, wait until you hear the tunes then, and prepare for an everlasting bond of unfettered affection. What Panthera is exercising on here, is an extension of all his previous efforts and yet a demonstration of ability, taken to a whole new level. Meaning, this cycle indulges in the issuing of energized, sanguinely tempered clubtunes as something that comes just natural to this man, while broadening his stylistic spectrum to an unheard and absolutely thrilling variety. He fathoms the potential that both concepts of sonic representation - the ‚track‘ and the ‚song‘ - have to offer, placing this material into an exquisite realm, where both worlds meet. And he exhibits his expertise
and versatility as a songwriter and producer, without ever showing off, but always inviting the listener and dancer into his very own space of lighthearted and wryly, yet passionately grooving understanding of electronic music. Once meeting all requirements of dancefloor-efficiency, another time spaced out into remote reverie, then again dropping lucid Pop-splendour and in the next minute descending into quirky tonal oddness. Plus, he salutes you as a skilled musician as well, playing most of the instruments on here himself. And let us tell you, there are quite a few!

Safe to say, this album ultimately constitutes his signature sound, it is the epitome of Krause-ness. A cliché-free and self determined approach to production- and musicianship that assembles NuDisco-smashers like opener „Birthday Club“, the french kissed Funk of „J-ai Envie De Toi“, an arpeggio riding Moroder-ovation like „Road To Arcadia“ (good moment to mention this album was produced on a console hailing from the inventory of Moroder‘s Musicland studio), the giddy slowed down Soul of „Keep On“, „Das schöne Meer Lied“ - a peculiar, heartfelt and almost delirious tune featuring the recitative of Martina, a blind woman who portraits her inner imagination of the sea, the straightened out IndieDance of „Sledge Hammer“, the slightly stumbling Houseleanings
in „Sunset“ and more to a bright, vibrant and overly catchy manifest of an album that perpetually ensures utmost pleasure, doing business with this fella.

Get your copy while you can. Double Vinyl LP, Download Code and a lil' gift are waiting for you. "It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You"!


PANTHERA KRAUSE in Prague - 15 April

PANTHERA KRAUSE, MOVING PICUTRE NIGHT, Prague, Czech Republic, 2023-04-15

PANTHERA KRAUSE in Madrid - 21 April

PANTHERA KRAUSE, Sala El Sótano, Madrid, Spain, 2023-04-21

PANTHERA KRAUSE in Leipzig - 29 July

PANTHERA KRAUSE, Westhafen, Leipzig, Germany, 2023-07-29
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PANTHERA KRAUSE in Leipzig - 29 July

PANTHERA KRAUSE, Westhafen, Leipzig, Germany, 2023-07-29


Panthera Krause is a „four-armed“ music producer, DJ and illustrator from Leipzig, Germany. His productions flowing easily between uplifting-chords, meandering arpeggiators and melancholic scapes all framed in housy, MPC-ruled beats, cut-throat samples and a fresh breeze of dirt. Panthera grew up in the late 90s in the eastern part of Germany, where he spent his days between saxophone lessons and hanging out in record stores, se-lecting music for his radio shows on local radio stations. Socialized by the eclectic sound of Kassablanca, Jena he started his musical career with his band Marbert Rocel in 2007 on Compost records.

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It was in 2012 when Panthera released his first solo productions on Lobster Theremin. He recorded DJ sets for NTS Radio, Groove Magazin and Gilles Peterson and played his live shows and DJ sets from Panoramabar, Berlin to Corsica Stu-dios, London and from Le Batofar, Paris to IFZ, Leipzig. This experinces of travelling at the weekend, getting in touch with a lot of different people and ideas and producing over the week is still culminating in Pantheras unique eclectic-house-epic-flute-abstract-beat-moment-productions released on labels like Uncanny Valley, Riotvan and Lobster Theremin to name just a few. Together with Peter Invasion he runs the Leipzig based label Riotvan.

Selected Shows
Panoramabar, Berlin | Corsica Studios, London | Robert Johnson, Offenbach | Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig | Baby Club, Marseille | Funkhaus, Berlin |Le Batofar, Paris | About Blank, Berlin | Golden Pudel, Hamburg | Kater Blau, Berlin | Wildtbar, Prague | Alphabet Club, Tel Aviv


GENKI GIRL EP | Riotvan (digital/ 12“)
SUDDENLY HUMAN | Vicario Muzique (digital/ 12“)
ALL MY CIRCUITS PART I | Uncanny Valley (digital/ 12“)
CLOUD CAKE EP | Step Recordings (digital/ 12“)
STONITH EP | Riotvan (digital/ 12“)
SOLAR SYSTEM EP | Lobster Theremin (digital/ 12“)
UMAMI EP | Uncanny Valley (digital/ 12“)
RULES EP | Lobster Theremin (digital/ 12“)
LAIKA EP | Riotvan (digital/ 12“)
YORIKKE EP | Riotvan (digital/ 12“)

BLINDED | R.a.n.d. Muzik (12“)
COLT | Série limitée (12“)
MARQUIE DE YARD | Riotvan (digital/ 12“)
COOCHIE | Uncanny Valley (digital/ 12“)
OBLISK | hfn (digital)
CONDENSED MATTER | O*RS (digital/ 12“)
CASSANDRA | O*RS (digital/ 12“)

CASINO TIMES - THE BREAKDOWN (Panthera Krause Remix) |Clandestino (digital)
THE MICRONAUT - EARLY LATE (Panthera Krause Remix) |Freude am Tanzen (digital)
D.Y.A. & KALYMA - OPERATOR (Panthera Krause Remix) | Solide (digital)
YEAH BUT NO - RENEW ME (Panthera Krause Remix) | Sinnbus (digital)
VOKODE - WIECK (Panthera Krause Remix) | Solid Rotation (digital/ 12“)
JENNIFER TOUCH - WORDLESS (Panthera Krauses Russian Girl Remix) | Riotvan (digital)
IAN BELVINS - ROUND TRIP (Panthera Krause Remix) | Futureboogie (digital/ 12“)
MELOKOLEKTIV - BETWEEN US (Panthera Krause Remix) | Azzur (digital/ 12“)
OF NORWAY - YKSM (Panthera Krause Remix) | Connaisseur (digital/ 12“)
TIEFSCHWARZ & RUEDE HAGELSTEIN - ONAIP (Panthera Krause Remix) | Souvenir (digital)
DEKO DEKO - WHAT HAPPEND (Panthera Krause Remix) | O*RS (digital)
EBB - TIME (Panthera Krause Remix) | HFN (digital)
OUER - VERTICAL (Panthera Krause Remix) | OUER (digital/ 12“)
BOREDOM - TURN YOUR HEAD (Panthera Krause Remix) | Melodic (digital/ 12“)
TROPIC - SPREAD YOUR LOVE (Panthera Krause Remix) | (digital)
DEO & Z-MAN - RAMBRENDT (Panthera Krause Remix) | hfn (digital/ 12“)
KORAB LOVE - 1981 (Panthera Krause Remix) | What‘s In The Box (digital)
MARBERT ROCEL - THE TEMPLE (Panthera Krause Remix) | Compost Blacklabel (digital/ 12“)
MARTIN KOHLSTEDT - OMB (Panthera Krause Remix) | Edition Kohlstedt (digital/ 10“)