OUT NOW: Fritz Kalkbrenner - Golden (Gunjah Remix)

Again FRITZ KALKBRENNER is heading back to his club & techno roots with a brand new remix. This time it’s „Golden“ from his Top 10 album „True Colours“ which gets the remix treatment by his longtime friend Gunjah. Back in the days Gunjah started his DJ career at Berlin’s legendary „E-Werk“ and became a stronghold for German underground electronic music. After his latest releases on Berlin’s finest Katermukke he delivers a deep and heavy sounding remix of „Golden“. The original vocal fits very well with the hypnotic sequencer bassline and the powerful drums. This remix takes us on a serious musical dancefloor journey and is a sure shot for Berlin afterhours post-covid.


Starting at the end of February FRITZ KALKBRENNER will be taking his impressive live show on the road throughout Europe with his sixth studio album „True Colours“. Official Tour Support is Dresden´s hottest Dj Export: GUNJAH,  Click Clack and Showbox Promoter and producer with releases on Kompakt, Stil Vor Talent, Dantze and of course KaterMukke.

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LATEST RELEASE: Moonbootica - Lost & Found (Gunjah's Fundbureau Remix).

Gunjah made a fabolous remix for Moonbooticas track "Lost & Found", out since january 25 - get it HERE.


Our good pal Gunjah shared a buzzing mixfor Egg London of new, old and groove-laden sounds which touch on his Berlin influences, as well as a flavour of what one can expect at his annual Click Clack event. Egg London is one of London's leading nightclubs, offering a diverse selection from the London Electronic Music scene and beyond. Listen to his Podcast HERE.


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GUNJAH in Schauenburg - 23 July

GUNJAH, Garten in Schauenburg-Hoof, MUUUHnlight Party, Schauenburg, 2022-07-23


Serious in having fun. Diffident in moving forward. Precise in going over the top.

Gunjah has gotten older - not in years but in talent. His life is what it has always been, a proper commitment to music. And his priorites have not changed. He vows to sustainability and conspires with authenticity. In other words, solid sustainable work.

Pleasure can only result when true passion is mixed in from the beginning.  For Gunjah the producer,  meditation is an essential condition for being taken seriously rather than a weakness. A final product with a sense of lightness and ease generated by a process involving solidarity and genuine hard work.

The 90s techno kid is determined to create something that is not just ephemeral music churned out at the delusional whim of a producer. His experience as a DJ has always made him endeavour to leap over a forced and naive desire for fame in order to create a vibe that brings feet onto the dancefloor. That's the mission! His approach didn't just come up over night. Through endless self-perception trips, facing new trends has become a standard for him. But Gunjah still adds his own magic to innovative ideas.

He refines his sets with the benchmark of creating an electronic piece for infinity. Stable sound, ease in communicating it to the crowd and joy all around through constructive DJing. Gunjah!

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In 1994, Gunjah played at the legendary "Base" Club in Dresden for the first time. His first gig was also his first step into an addiction. Techno became his great love. Three years later, he played at the world-famous E-Werk in Berlin. The German capital was thrilled and gave him the opportunity to develop his skills to the point where he got his first record ready. The result, Gunjah's "Funkwelt EP", was released under the label "1st. Decade Records" in 2003. Shaped by the techno life of the noughties, being wet behind the ears developed further into his own style - and he delivered it to the whole world. Further releases, remixes and reinterpretations follow on renowned labels e.g. Katermukke, D.O.C. or Kompakt. The newbie had suddenly become an artist.

It all left a mark. His own club "Showboxx" displayed just as many wrinkles as Gunjah's face. The era ends at the end of 2015. After 17 years of "Boxx", he wasn't too sad when he buried his legendary club. A new club was already about to blossom. Since 2016, "KLUB NEU" has been Gunjah's new playground for the electronic music scene in Dresden.

But that's not it. Earlier in 2007, his own Sunday festival "CLICK CLACK" got unleashed right at the bank of river Elbe in Dresden. Many of Gunjah's friends and music heros pay him a visit every year. It is the culmination of his career and a logical step in a life full of good beats.

What is he up to today? Gunjah has established himself. His gigs are no longer experiments, they are a promise of quality. Around the whole goddamn world. His travels abroad have given him a pleasant self-confidence: good music is pure passion, period.

Ongoing development is his motto. He shares his devotion to genuine sounds with his old friends, like Berlin artist Niconé, by playing b2b sets and releasing records with them. This man creates his own environment he can fill with sound. He achieves everything by himself. With a continuous desire and a passionate heart, he refines all his projects with structure, high standards and love. This is Gunjah!