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Sid Le Rock - Beatport Mix 105

In celebrating the recent album release, Sid Le Rock made this special mix for Beatport podcast series:

New album ´Scenic Route´out now - preview/stream/purchase:


Six years after his latest LP, ´Busted With A Bag Of Bliss´ came out on My Favourite Robot, Canadian indie electronica master Sid Le Rock returns with his fifth studio album, Scenic Route.

The 11-track LP, which will come out on April 26 via tastemaking label Hafendisko, is the result of a year-long production process, marked by total creative freedom in the studio.
“Reflecting the ethos of my over 15-year long music career, Scenic Route is all about taking the long way— embracing my experiences and humility by continuing forth along a road less traveled, rather than seeking instant gratification and shortcuts in life,” Sid Le Rock says.

With a total of eight LPs, four of which were released under his Sid Le Rock moniker, it’s clear that albums are the Berlin-based producer, live act, DJ and vocalist’s preferred form of expression.

“I’m an album artist. I prefer the concept of an album, because it’s more intertwined with all your influences, your musical goals and directions, and you can get away with a lot more experimenting, expression and explorations than you can with an EP. EPs for me are foreplay,” he explains.

With a total running time of 60 minutes, Scenic Route is a musical journey through a wide palette of sounds, ranging from dancefloor tracks ‘Kismet’ and ‘Morgenfrisk’, electro masterpieces ‘Speak Sweetly’ and ‘Hiraeth’, vocal-heavy indie electronica gems ‘Slowpoke’ and ‘First Kiss’, and cinematic beauties like ‘Waldeinsamkeit’.

With a brand new album, a new live show and a tour on the horizon, it’s clear we’re yet to see what Sid Le Rock is truly capable of.

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Over the last 15 years, Canada native Sidney S. Thompson, AKA Sid Le Rock, has made a name for himself as a prolific producer, DJ and live performer, with eight studio albums and over six dozen EPs to his name. His sound is hard-to-pin down, falling somewhere between synth pop, electronica, and electro, fused together with his own emotive vocals.

His abounding talent and prolificacy hasn’t gone unnoticed, as Sid has regularly released on labels like Beachcoma, My Favourite Robot, Kompakt, Mute Records and Hafendisko. Likewise, the Toronto-born artist has been remixed by the likes of DJ Koze, Acid Pauli and Gui Boratto, while remixing Depeche Mode, Placebo, Gui Boratto, Fairmont, further underpinning his underground credibility.

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Despite his solid studio credentials, the Berlin-based artist has never sought fame or attention, instead remaining devoted to his craft, an ethos that is fully manifested in his productions.

Having introduced his Sid Le Rock alias with his critically-acclaimed debut LP Written in Lipstick, which came out via Ladomat/Mute Records in 2004, the Toronto native now boasts four Sid Le Rock LPs.

His sophomore LP, Keep It Simple, Stupid followed on Ladomat in 2006, and featured his highly successful vocal-heavy anthem ‘Naked’. It was later re-released with a remix by DJ Koze on Get Physical, becoming an instant classic.

2006 also saw the launch of Sid Le Rock’s vinyl-only imprint Cereal/Killers, in partnership with Kompakt Distributions, allowing Sid the creative freedom to release an 11-part split-concept series under his Pan/Tone alias, which assembled a co-op of talented friends, including Ada, DJ Koze, Gabriel Ananda and Gui Boratto.

Three years later, Sid teamed up with long-time friends Metope and Fairmont to found Beachcoma Recordings. Now in its 10th year, the label has seen over 70 releases from the label bosses, as well artists like Ryan Davis and Niconé.

Sid Le Rock’s third album, Tout Va Bien, came in 2010 on T.Raumschmiere and Apparat’s imprint Shitkatapult. The release was followed by Busted With a Bag of Bliss on My Favorite Robot Records in 2013. Inspired by his early works, the record was a welcome return to innocence and natural creativity that is deeply embedded in Sheldon’s voice and sound.

2019 will mark a new chapter in Sid Le Rock’s musical journey, putting his fifth album, Scenic Route in the spotlight. The 11-track release, which will be released via Hamburg label Hafendisko in the spring of 2019, is a natural continuation of Sid Le Rock’s signature indie electronica.

With a brand new album, a new live show and a tour on the horizon, it’s clear we’re yet to see what Sid Le Rock is truly capable of.