Sedef Adasi joins Blitz Club Crew

We are happy to announce that no one else then our dearest Sedef Adasi joins the BLITZ Music Club crew and become a resident in one of the best clubs in germany. In the past months the young girl from Augsburg convinced with her diverse and captivating sets. Sedef bounces in between euphoric Techno, ruff House classics, space Disco and tough electro with elegance and ease. Her crowding reading is top notch, no wonder, as you can really feel how she interacts with the people in the club out of pure love.

The new resident of the famous club in munich also has lots of experience as promoter. With Hamam Nights, a monthly club night taking place at City Club in Augsburg, she has fostered a welcoming home for the likes of DJ Stingray, Tama Sumo or Boris, thereby taking the nightlifes’ choices’ of the city to a whole new level. In May, Sedef played for Amsterdam’s top radio choice Red Light. The next chapter is given with the next instalment for our Blitzcast series, she especially curated for her resident announcement. Watch out for her playing Panorama Bar on September 29th as well as her next gig at Blitz Club (w/Kink Live!) on October 26th.

Enjoy also her atmospheric and bouncy Blitzcast!

Nice feature with Sedef Adasi on Electronic Beats

"If you’re looking for new perspectives and rising talents coming from the German dance music scene, look no further than Sedef Adasi. Now a resident at Munich’s famed BLITZ Music Club (listen to her, her style mixes techno and electro heat with deep cuts from Turkish and Middle Eastern music. She creates a unique vibe that can also be experienced at her regular party HAMAM Nights in her hometown at City Club Augsburg."

Nothing more to say, only thanks Telekom Electronic Beats for this nice read!

When you are interested to bring Sedef to your town, drop a line for available dates


Finally the brandnew GROOVE-Magazin podcast from our new Talent Sedef Adasi is out today - listen to her lovely house set on

She also got a nice feature including an interview about her history in the brandnew GROOVE-Magazin (sorry only in german available!) - you can find it here:

NMB PODCAST #3: Sedef Adasi (Hamam Nights/Augsburg)

Trust your own ears, listen here to her NMB podcast:


SEDEF ADASI in Mannheim - 18 May

SEDEF ADASI, Hafen 49, Hafenfestival 2019, Mannheim, Germany, 2019-05-18

SEDEF ADASI in Augsburg - 18 May

SEDEF ADASI, City Club , Haman Nights, Augsburg, Germany, 2019-05-18

SEDEF ADASI in Tbilisi - 24 May

SEDEF ADASI, 5th Pavilion of Georgian Film Studios, 4GB Festival 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2019-05-24
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SEDEF ADASI in Porec - 30 May

SEDEF ADASI, Tamaris Appartements Lanterna, LIghthouse Festival / Boiler Room, Porec, Croatia, 2019-05-30

SEDEF ADASI in Kaltenberg - 31 May

SEDEF ADASI, Schloss Kaltenberg, Puls Openair, Kaltenberg, Germany, 2019-05-31

SEDEF ADASI in Porec - 02 June

SEDEF ADASI, Tamaris Appartements Lanterna, Lighthouse Festival, Porec, Croatia, 2019-06-02

SEDEF ADASI in Augsburg - 21 June

SEDEF ADASI, Wittelsbacher Park, MODULAR FESTIVAL, Augsburg, Germany, 2019-06-21

SEDEF ADASI in Brussels - 05 July

SEDEF ADASI, Chateau de Ribaucourt, Paradise City Festival 2019, Brussels, Belgium, 2019-07-05

SEDEF ADASI in Augsburg - 06 July

SEDEF ADASI, Kesselhaus, 10 jahre automatic open 2019, Augsburg, Germany, 2019-07-06

SEDEF ADASI in Jena-Porstendorf - 07 July

SEDEF ADASI, Deep Open Air, deep with you Open Air 2019, Jena-Porstendorf, Germany, 2019-07-07

SEDEF ADASI in Dresden - 14 July

SEDEF ADASI, Citybeach, Click Clack Openair 2019, Dresden, Germany, 2019-07-14

SEDEF ADASI in Hamburg - 03 August

SEDEF ADASI, Vogelball, Vogelball 2019, Hamburg, Germany, 2019-08-03


Sedef Adasi is in her mid 20s and a resident DJ of Schwarzes Schaf (RIP). In her sessions she shows us her passion for music, while picking up tracks from most current House to Techno.This unique sound and her charismatic attitude makes everyone doubtless willing to dance!